Feel Good Food

Our Mission.

To help you discover healthy, new ways to enjoy foods you've always loved.

Our Vision.

To inspire good with every bite.

Chickapea Giving Back Image

Our Guiding Principles.

1. We will only offer nutritious and delicious options

Who says comfort food can’t be good for you too? We strive to create the most tasty meal solutions, packed with nutrition—protein, fiber and essential daily nutrients—so you can feel food about every bite.

2. We will protect our children’s planet

We believe that many people making small incremental changes can have a BIG impact! By responsibly sourcing ingredients and focusing on plant-based proteins, we are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve our fresh water stores, reduce deforestation and clean our air.

3. We will deliver simple solutions

Our promise is to offer mealtime options that are convenient, nutritious and loved. All of our products will be quick to prepare, have simple, real ingredients and be met with smiles at the table.

4. We will seek better

We believe the foods you love can truly love you back. We aspire to always find a better way; to constantly innovate to offer better products and be a better company. As a Certified B Corp, we look to partner with suppliers, agencies and partners that are also using their business as a force for good.

Chickapea Giving Back Image