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Feel Good Food

Making a Positive Impact

I believe all children grow up with a dream of making a difference in the world. We all want to have an impact; to make our one life count for something. We also want to pursue our passions and our talents, make a living and support our families. For myself, starting a business was my best opportunity to follow my dream and make a positive impact, all at once.

At its core, Chickapea is a force for good, making it easier for people to lead healthier lives and support sustainable, organic farming practices. But we can do better than that. We can ensure that Chickapea is not just benefiting those that consume our products, but those in the greatest need around the world, as well as our farmers, suppliers and employees. I have been given an incredible opportunity to make an impact and to set an example, and I plan to make it as positive as possible. You have my word on that.

What if we told you that you could help solve two of the biggest crises our planet is facing right now—climate change and food insecurity—simply by enjoying your favorite comfort food?

Since 2021, Chickapea has partnered with Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) and The New Farm near Creemore, ON, to provide regenerative, organic produce to low income communities. Chickapea donates 2% of sales directly to CFCC and they use the funds to purchase organic, regenerative produce from The New Farm and distribute the food in the communities they serve.

Why produce from regenerative agriculture? Regenerative farming uses tried and tested practices to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in the soil, where it belongs. This helps mitigate climate change while preserving topsoil, protecting our water, and promoting biodiversity. Healthy soil produces the healthiest food.

Community Food Centres Canada operates with the mission to build health, belonging, and social justice in low-income communities through the power of food. The organization has vibrant, well-resourced Community Food Centres (CFCs), across the country. Each CFC offers high-impact food programs in welcoming community spaces that bring people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food.

Learn more about Farms for Change here



 Other Programs:

WE Charity - Providing healthy school lunches to children in need

From July 2018 to September 2020, Chickapea donated 3 cents from the sale of every package of Chickapea to WE Charity’s School Nutrition Program in Los Rios, Ecuador.

Thanks to the support customers like you, the program provided nutritious meals each day and education on proper nutrition. Our donations also funded the creation of a school garden and the construction of a kitchen and dining hall for the students and the wider community to come together to learn about sustainable agriculture and nutrition which will have a lasting impact on Los Rios. This program will continue to be funded through a trust set up by WE Charity.

Food Banks.

We believe that everyone should have access to healthy food. Food banks across Canada and the US are feeding our most vulnerable populations, which are often in great need of nourishment, and unfortunately, the majority of food being donated to food banks is not very healthy and doesn’t consider dietary restrictions. Chickapea provides a nutrient-dense, allergen-free option that’s familiar and simple to prepare. Each year, Chickapea donates several hundred pounds of pasta to food banks across North America.

Chickapea Giving Back

For our Bodies and our Planet

By focusing on plant-based proteins we are helping to: reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve our fresh water stores, reduce deforestation and clean our air. Did you know that emissions from the production of beef and lamb are 250 times higher than those from legumes, per gram of protein, and pork and poultry are 40 times higher than legumes?

Click here for more information on what the USDA Organic label means.

Chickapea Vegan Macaroni 6 Pack

Environmentally-Friendly Packaging.

Chickapea products are packaged in recyclable boxes using recycled materials. We will continue to consider the environment with our packaging decisions and will strive towards more green solutions as we grow.

Team Involvement.

The Chickapea team is made up of like minded doers seeking to fulfill that childhood dream of making a difference in the world. We are a small but fierce team with big ideas and fervent work ethic, and we do everything we can to nourish our team members, such as offering great health benefits, flexible work schedules, competitive wages, team lunches, and more.

We not only promise to give back as a company, but we encourage employees to do so and support volunteerism to their preferred charities with paid volunteer time, both individually and as a team. All employees are given a voice when it comes to deciding which charities to support, so we can work towards making the biggest impact together.

Chickapea Team Involvement
Chickapea Upside Foundation

Upside Foundation – Donating equity to charity

When we first structured our corporation, we weren’t in a position to support a cash initiative like our new partnership with WE Charity, but we wanted to make sure giving back was built into our business from the beginning, so we donated stock options to the Upside Foundation.

Upside enables early stage and high growth companies to give back by donating equity to charity. Supported by leading investors, influencers, and entrepreneurs, the process is simple: donate options or warrants, and when you have a liquidity event, that donation converts to cash for the charities you support.

Impact Report

Read our latest 2021 Impact Report to learn more about our social goodness initiatives!


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