Smart Carbs are the Healthy Trend for 2017

Carbs have been given a bad rap since the boom of the “low-carb” diet and our team is constantly asked the question, “Why is Chickapea good for you? It’s a carbohydrate.”  Yes it is – A Smart Carbohydrate!

As a pulse-based pasta, containing ONLY organic chickpeas and lentils, Chickapea pasta is high in protein AND fiber! Keep reading!

The importance of Chickapea being a pulse-based pasta, versus a rice or corn pasta, is all in the ingredients. Pulses (chickpeas, lentils, dried beans and peas) are high in protein and fiber and rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Chickapea is super high in both protein and fiber per serving.

Incredibly rich in their nutritional value, pulses are small but densely packed with proteins – double that found in wheat and three times that of rice. In 2017, experts want to clear up the confusion about carbs and help people enjoy all the health benefits associated with carbs.

What does this all mean? Because they are low on the glycemic index (GI), meaning that our bodies convert them to sugar more slowly and evenly, you won’t get that sugar crash after your meal. With the combination of fiber and all the nutrients, this can help people with Type II Diabetes to maintain steady sugar levels in the body. Not to mention, improve heart health and moods.

With the rise of diabetes, the boom of the gluten-free trend, and an increasing link between refined sugar and chronic disease, more and more Canadians are looking for alternatives and “smarter” carb options. Carbohydrates aren’t the “bad guys” of nutrition. These nutrients are important to fuel our bodies, healthy gut bugs and brains.    

“The 2008 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada from the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA)6 recommend replacing high-glycemic index carbohydrates with low-glycemic index carbohydrates in mixed meals because this has a clinically significant effect on glycemic control in people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.” Pulse Canada’s fact sheet on Pulses and Diabetes is an excellent resource to learn more about the benefits of pulses.

This is good news for everyone. “Many people benefit from a gluten-free diet.” says Dr. Shelby Worts, BSC, ND, “However, I am often hesitant to suggest pasta alternatives because grains tend to be inflammatory and have a higher glycemic index, both of which are factors that influence diabetes, cholesterol levels, and other chronic diseases. I am pleased to suggest pulse-based pasta, since it’s a great alternative that contains a generous amount of fiber and protein for a healthy lifestyle.” Not only do pulses have a relatively low glycemic index, they are loaded with fiber, antioxidants, protein, vitamins and minerals.

So, go out and pack your shopping carts with chickpeas, lentils, beans and yes, Chickapea Pasta. An added bonus, pulses are an affordable health benefit so you won’t break the bank while stocking up. Enjoy and eat healthy! What a great start to 2017!