Joyous Health & Best Carbs for Kids

Are you stumped about carbs and what to feed your kids? With our healthy chickpea and lentil pasta we meet some amazing people and Joy from Joyous Health has posted an amazing video with a ton of great info about the best carbs for kids – including Chickapea pasta.

We love how Joy is so honest about food and parenting. We can only try to give our children the tools to become wonderful people and be great role models about eating healthy.

“If you ask most parents of toddlers, children or teens, they will likely tell you their kids are carb MONSTERS! At least all of my friends and past clients who are parents have been telling me this for years. However, I didn’t discover this for myself until having a child. If Vienna had it her way, she’d eat pasta or pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Clearly the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… Walker and I were talking last night about what our last meal would be if we could choose it and of course he said “pizza or pasta.” Mine would be PB&J, haha!”

What would yours be?

In her latest video Joy shares the best carbs for kids including the ‘AMAZING pasta her entire family LOVES and uses all the time’ – Chickapea Pasta (which is JOYOUS APPROVED!) Gush!

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Yes, You Can Eat Pasta!