Help Kickstart Chickapea - From Dollars to Dinner

We are committed to providing families with a non-GMO, organic pasta line that appeals to the discerning tastes of children and to health conscious parents everywhere. But we can’t do it alone! We are excited to bring Chickapea into your homes, but we need your help to ramp up production, purchase supplies and so much more.

Read below to find out how you can help us get this awesome product to grocery shelves and kitchen tables across Canada.

All it takes is $10! 

Love this venture? A $10 purchase makes you an instant Chickapea VIP family member. You will not only be helping to bring Chickapea to a shelf near you but VIP access will keep you up to date on the latest products, news, events and promotions, and of course, deals!  Welcome to the family!

Pre-Order Chickapea for You and Me! 

Here’s where your dollars will go.  We need equipment, bulk products and  packaging: Each pre-order of Chickapea will bring us one step closer to our goals.

Our costs and your donation power at a glance:

$3,500:    One bulk pallet of chickpea flour

$10,000:    A Bigger Pasta Dryer

$12,000:   150,000 packages

$100,000:  Family size option of Chickapea on shelves near you

Chickapea for Charity

Healthy food options should be accessible to all, which is why charity is an integral part of Chickapea’s business model and Kickstarter plan.  Your $1,000 “Do Gooder” donation automatically donates 5 cases of Chickapea pasta to a charity in your name! (awww thanks!) But that’s not all, once Chickapea reaches our $50,000 mark, we will celebrate this landmark by sending 10 cases of our product to a national charity.  (That’s a LOT of chickpeas) You, the Kickstarter audience will even be able to vote on the charity.

Isn’t it time to Kickstart a product that you believe in? Let’s bring Chickapea pasta to our shelves today, all it takes is a click.