Feel at Home this Holiday Season

What does it mean to sustain the home? Houses are the structures that surround us; they keep us warm and give us a place to sleep at night. However, a home is much more than the physical structure. It is about cultivating a place where you can relax, regenerate and truly be yourself. It requires time and effort, and above all: love. A home is a place to share with loved ones, whether it be with immediate family, cherished friends or even our furry BFFs.

Unfortunately, in the hustle of everyday life, sometimes we neglect to connect with those that are most important to us. This holiday season, let’s bring the focus back to connecting with the ones we love and making our homes comfortable, enjoyable places to share with them.

De-clutter & Help Those in Need

During the holidays, our homes can begin to feel crammed and cluttered with stuff. This can change the environment from a relaxing home to a stressful one. Before the gift giving starts, why not take the time to de-clutter? Clothing, toys, kitchen appliances, decor, electronics and food are all in need this time of the year. Spend a day clearing out your closets, dumping your junk drawer and donating items to those that need them.

Check your local churches and charities for drop-off and pick-up services. The end result is an organized home, and a relaxed space to connect with those that live there. As an added bonus, you will also feel good knowing your ‘clutter’ is finding a new home.

#GoDark for an ‘Electronics Free’ Hour

In our need-to-know era, families are spending more time online than ever before. The problem with this hyper connection is that we can feel disconnected with each other.  Why not try taking an hour a week to turn off the TV, laptops, cellphones and tablets?  Spend the time connecting with each other. This could involve sharing stories, a family game night, decorating the home for the holidays or having a snuggle with a storybook.

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