Chickpeas - Your Cold Weather Superhero

As the cooler weather approaches, we want comfort, whether it’s a cozy blanket, warm cup of tea or a piece of mom’s apple pie. We are looking for food to soothe us against the winter chill, gravitating to rich, creamy, soothing meals. However, food in winter needs to do much more than warm the belly! We need nutrient dense food that can give us an energy boost, fight off illness and keep us full, longer. This winter, instead of macaroni and cheese: why not seek comfort in a warm bowl of chickpeas?

Get Energized

With less daylight hours, it is easy to get into an energy slump. Highly processed food, like white flour, gives our body a quick boost of energy. However; these comfort foods are not able to sustain our bodies for the long haul. Chickpeas, on the other hand, will give your body the sustenance that it needs to carry you through into your next meal. Like all legumes, chickpeas are a complex carbohydrate containing starch. So instead of crashing and burning, chickpeas’ longer digestion time will provide your body with sustained energy.

Fight Off Winter Bugs

Chickpeas are chockfull of nutrients, including B6, thiamine (B1), folate (B9) and zinc. The B vitamins work together to convert food into energy. Not only that, these powerful vitamins fight off fatigue, aid with new cell growth, and help your body combat viruses and bacteria. Zinc is a powerful antioxidant that is known to ramp up your body’s ability to heal.  Known as the immune system nutrient, zinc is vital for T cell formation, a healthy immune system and helps fight against damaging free radicals. But that’s not all; chickpeas are also a prebiotic, keeping that healthy bacteria flourishing and helping fight off the winter bugs!

Curb Cravings, Sustain Satisfaction

Worrying about fitting into your new holiday gown? The low glycemic index of chickpeas makes it the perfect ingredient for your new healthy eating plan. These powerful legumes will have you feeling full longer. Not only that, adding chickpeas to your diet can help curb food cravings, making it easier to pick and choose through the myriad of holiday treats.

When creating your winter meal plan, add chickpeas as a regular part of your family’s diet. Whether they are in stews, chilli, hummus or Chickapea pasta, these legumes will give your body the comfort, energy and vitamins it needs to carry you through the long winter months.